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Main Obsession / Project These Past Years

Young Vinnie Ream
A few years after this youthful photograph was taken (not sure about date but I'm guessing 1860-61, when she was 14 or so), her ambitions and talent took her to ...

Vinnie and the Lincoln Bust
... this moment.

Good mentor.
Such energy that people called her a hummingbird.
Belief in her talent -- by her and from her family.
All around fearless -- and no distractions of media beyond the newspapers of the time.

This "browsing" book has lots of trivia and tales about the Midwest. Like every part of the country, the Middle is full of wonderful people and beautiful landscapes. Quirks and shananigans are also common, yes?

Are you the youngest female in your family? When I wrote LITTLE SISTERS, I interviewed women who relished their place in the family and women who were frustrated by it. I also researched information about birth order and found some good tidbits -- such as youngest siblings are more likely to divulge family secrets (SOMEbody has to do it).

In WEST WITH HOPELESS, a pair of sisters reluctantly set off together on a four-day road trip from Davenport, Iowa, to Reno, Nevada, in this young adult novel published By Dutton in 2004. The book received second place in the Juvenile Literary category sponsored by Friends of American Writers in spring, 2005, and is nominated for the YABA (Young Adult Book Award) in Pennsylvania for 2006.